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Apr. 10th, 2007

Most of you know Todd Goldman. He is better know for making the god awful "Boys are Stupid...Throw rocks at them" line that the kids I work with could draw better. This bullshit is sold at Hot Topic and while I will admit I buy some stuff from Hot Topic, I cannot stand Todd Goliath's work. But here's the thing, Todd Goliath's work is his work. And within that, he can draw whatever the fuck he likes and call it art. That's the point of art.

The point of art is to express creativity, not steal other peoples art work. The copy right laws suck but at least they say that knock offs of ANYTHING have to differ in some ways. Clothing is 30% difference, Food is 4 ingredence difference (if you are to market it).

Todd Goliath apparently didn't hear about this when he made the comic below:

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(On the left is the orginal done by Dave Kelley on Purple Pussy. On the Right is Todd Goliath's)

Oh yeah that is SO not the same picture.

I understand that people have used familar lables or items in art (Such as when Andy Warhol did the Cample Soup Picture) but it was done to represent something or a mock of something else. This art work is neither of these. This is a blatant rip off of Dave Kelley's (AKA Shmorky) work. Only thing missing is the bow and the Talent that made the orginal strip.

Please note, this is not some artist blowing steam. This comic was done 5 years ago. That's right folks, 5 years. Todd Goldman is ripping off a good comic strip and degrading it to the point of crap on a cracker and making money off it.(For more examples of Todd Goldman's blatant rip off of art and ideas look Here Even the creator of Lenore is pissed)

Many of you are artists. Some of you do computer graphic works, some photography, some photomanipulation, some draw, some do tattoo designs, some do computer artwork, some of you paint, some do literary work, some do arts and crafts. But all of it is yours and orginal. This is a blatant rip off of this artists work.

Please repost this and spread the word. This cannot go on this way.

For the full story with all links and more go Here!

To show tour support in a tee Go Here!

Stop Todd Goldman. It's one thing to suck as an artist but it's a completely different to STEAL.
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